Idea >

Ideas Empire and audio visual partner, MediaProAV conceptualised with the idea to present a creative and fresh experience at Visual Asia Expo 2015 exhibition booth for a carpentry-based exhibitor, Miracle Concept.

Curate >

Inspired by works of infinity rooms. Enhanced experience beyond a single screen. Designed into a minimalist structure with a small footprint to fit cost effective spots in malls, tradeshows or retail spaces. Perfect for zonal marketing and a unique storyteller.

Branding >

Infinicube is a play of the word Infinitude, Infinity and Cube. The patterns within the logo represent the shapes that infinicube can be packaged in. Spectrum of light bounces within the shapes.

Products >

Infinicube is a new creative canvas. Perfect for zonal marketing. A unique storyteller. Modular for hitting the streets and malls with brands. We will generate curiosity.

Business Model >

Cost effective for collaboration with creative and advertising agencies, brand owners who are looking for a creative and fresh experiences towards a campaign.