Idea >

Wizcraft International engaged our director to design a waterscreen system for a challenging location in Chennai for the Tamil Nadu Investors Meet 2015. We overcame the challenges such as low water level and presented the largest waterscreen for public viewing in India.

Curate >

We decided from the beginning to import the ideas and knowhow and fabricate the entire waterscreen system in Chennai by the local SMEs. We redesigned multiple times the system to accommodate to the available materials and machinery locally.

Branding >

Products >

A specially designed waterscreen nozzle to accomodate for different types of water structure and available pump system was created. A potentially new type of waterscreen nozzle that allows flexibility rather than rigid conformation to standard waterflow management without compromising on safety.

Business Model >

Continuity >

This project is a pre-cursor to potentially allowing for improvements and expansion of large scale presentation in India.