Share with us your ideas for us to pull together a team based on your project requirements – drawing on different strengths for each of the projects.

Events Management

We are your Singapore and regional event support. Your local creative and technical producer and activation manager. We become your brand’s and your agency’s trusted production partner in Asia.

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Exhibition Design

Understanding the objectives and messaging is key. Every environment is different and we specialise in audio, visual, spatial design towards audience psychology for budgetary optimisation.

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Proprietary Products

Our Infinicube and Rewire have been adopted multiple times into a project. We are constantly researching and developing new ideas and products including custom for clients and spaces.

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Project & Installation Partner

We have a network of partners and resources on top of our strengthened core disciplines to offer a multitude of services. From audio visual and lighting design, special content creation, budget planning to system integration.

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Activation Branding & Marketing

Intellectual Property Protection are key to any business success. Your branding, identity, manifesto and guidelines supplemented with the right long term narrative to market keeps the outlook fresh and a sense of continuity.

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Creative & Digital Content Creation

Give us your environment + challenges + KPIs. Empower us to implement an immersive content solution that deploys a custom mix of creative and technical elements to engineer the most impactful impressions.

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Production Design

Taking new-to-market ideas, we back them with the right technical wizardry to bring fresh concepts to life. We’re equally good at injecting our unique spin on something tried and true to minimise clichés.

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Future-Ready Concepts

Will the technologies you are deploying now be obsolete in 2 years? We are thinking what’s next, and our minds are programmed to be in a constant flux to keep our ideas future-sharp.

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